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Royal Rayong Condo Mae Ramphung Beach Ban Phe Rayong

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Royal Rayong Condo Mae Ramphung Beach Rayong

Royal Rayong Condo is now looking like its previous elegant self after receiving a much needed coat of paint inside and out now matching the quality of its original construction a few notches above VIP Condo next door, with many fewer condos in the building all of which are bigger than their counterparts next door, each having parquet flooring (not cheapo carpet as VIP!), quality hardwood entrance doors , electric sockets on the balconies, tinted glass in the windows and a much bigger pool (newly renovated), to mention a few differences.

It is clear that Juristic body is taking it's job very seriously and prices in this building will rise.

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Unusual Design, one day will have cascading greenery hiding the aircons!!

The Reception Area
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Pool Area




Pool Conveniences
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Views to the Beach

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