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VIP Condo chain Rayong High Floor 29 One Bed Suite

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View East

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View To Ban Phe Harbour From Balcony

VIP Condo chain Mae Rampung Beach Rayong 72sqm 1 bed 1 bath suite for rent VIP Condo Mae Ramphung Beach, Rayong, has fridge-freezer, microwave, toaster and kettle, some English/French/German TV, reasonable cafe right outside, others close by, situated on floor 29 premium floor with only 12 units, with spectacular views to Koh Samet and Ban Phe harbour, Jan - Feb 30,000thb, December 28,000 thb Nov - April 26,000thb other 20,000thb, low season long term from 3 months 45,000 thb Prices Exclude utilities.

One hour 45mins from Bkk airport, Rayong 15 min drive songtell stops right outside 25thb
. Ban Phe 10 mins

This unit is on long term rental until February 2019

View from outside Entrance door behind VIP.

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Please Note Exclusive Floor.

Only 12 Units.



R0010137 [640x480].jpg
This unit is on long term rental until February 2019