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Property Law in Thailand Rayong Condos

Clear & Simple

The law regarding owning property in Thailand for the purposes of anyone browsing this web site is very clear and very simple:

1) It is against the law for aliens to own land in Thailand, there are exceptions if you think in a straight line these are unlikely to be of any utility to you. The only sensible/legal way to have an interest in land/ house is to go the 30 year lease route, this is legal, only a 3 - 30 year lease is registrable at the land office.(However on selling on a new lease has to be agreed with landlord and re-registered at the land office). There is no such thing as an enforceable 30 + 30 year lease. In fact if you think You have a 30+30 year lease you actually have nothing because the Thai courts have ruled the whole document is void and against the law.

2) Aliens can own in a 'freehold' style up to a 49% share in a condominium development (That is foreigners can own up to 49% of the condo area of a development). This can be left to your alien descendants, if you have a properly executed Thai will.

30+30 Year Leases In Thailand Found Void by Phuket Court Check Links Below



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